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Ryton Tri 2 UP TT: 12th April

Hilly 21 Course: 16th August

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Hetton Youth & Junior Sprint triathlon:

Hetton Youth & Junior Sprint:

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Welcome to Ryton Triathlon Club

NE Grand Prix Results
Duathlon Series
Isaac Dunn and Robyn Waugh take 1st place for juniors
Junior Triathlon
Joe Swanston 1st Tristar 1 and Daniel Dixon 1st Tristar 2
Robyn Waugh is 3rd senior triathlete and at the other end of the age spectrum Eric Blakie is 1st male vintage.

Helvellyn Tri
Weather absolutely fantastic - clear blue skies and views to die for - and many probably thought they were. A very cold start in the morning and although the stated water temp was 14 deg C most were glad to get into the lake to warm their toes. On the climb up Helvellyn it really was warm - thanks to John and Jackie for the extra water near the summit [ooo - is that legal??].

This race is certainly getting big - apparently nearly 800 entrants but just over 600 started according to the results. Davey Garner was best Ryton Tri - by far - coming in at 4 hrs 2 mins and 4th Vet 40. Next Hedley Fletcher 39th Vet 40 in 4 hrs 29 mins - think he enjoyed it - not! Finally Big E 2nd Vintage in 4 hrs 59 mins - the swim and bike was ok but I'm afraid there was little in the old legs for the climb and even less for the descent - very demoralising when 2 young girls about 6 and 7 virtually sprint past you coming down the zig zags screeming 'no brakes no brakes' - mine were on fire ! Eric

Ironman Copenhagen
Continuing his world tour of Ironman competitions, Big-E writes:
Ironman Copenhagen is a really nice course. The swim is in a protected sea lagoon,the bike course has no serious hills on it and the run is right in the centre of Copenhagen with masses of spectators. On the day they reckoned on 200,000 in total with 150,000 in Copenhagen. But last Sunday the weather unusually was simply awful - very cold at swim start ie 6 deg C air temp and water temp about 17,very windy and just to make it completely miserable it fairly chucked it down from half-way on the bike till the end of the run. Swim one lap and under 5 bridges massed with supporters, bike 2 laps and run 4 laps(I don't really want to see the Little Mermaid again!). As for me - well in control setting a 12 hr target, my usual 1.12 swim and a sensible 5.57 bike, run going as fine as it can in an IM to 8km from end and looking like an 11.40 finish - that is until I went really dizzy and it took all my concentration to stay upright, had to walk even though legs were fine to run, jogged a bit, walked a bit more, went dizzy again then promptly threw up twice with almost no warning - missed spectators but did get some applause - that has never happened to me before - the throwing up that is. So lost 30 mins however still came in a respectable 12 hrs 12 mins. An hour in med tent just to get warm again - never been so cold in an IM race for the whole day. But the Danes are a fun lot, very noisy supporters and very hospitable - and a finish right in the centre of one of the nicest major cities is certainly a moment to savour - I recommend it!!

Spanish City Tri
Big-E writes: This is a new race today put on by Phil Grey's Total Racing - good venue but cool sea and very very strong cross winds. An early start 8.00am as no closed roads but it seemed to work ok and a decent route - both bike and run 2 laps. The wind certainly spoiled almost everything with gusts apparently up to 50 mph and getting stronger. I had a disc on the back and just as well I'm a big lad otherwise I'd have ended up in Denmark ! kept the season's record going with another win in the Male Vintage category !

Ironman UK - Bolton
Big E won his age group at Ironman UK Bolton last Sunday and duly claimed his slot for the world championships in Kona Hawaii in October. Lei and slot presented by non other than 3 times Kona Champ Craig Alexander.

Alan Blakie was 35th out of the 2000 competitors in 10hrs 14 mins  but only 10th in his age group - he is really unlucky that so many fast guys are turning up in his age group - but he had bad gut issues half way through the run which cost him dearly - 10 mins faster and he'd have also had a Kona slot - he recovered to run last 5 km in 18 mins which I think was the fastest last 5 km of anybody!!

Ian Walton also finished in 11 hrs 31 min and Rob Churnside in 15 hrs 31 mins - both their first Ironman so no longer IM virgins - and many thanks from Big E to Rob who although a couple laps behind, managed to chivy him up when he was struggling up an incline on my last lap - that may well have helped him to Kona.

Ripon Tour Sportive
Following the route of Stage 1 of the Tour de France, Hedley and the Hinnies completed the 104 mile loop in 6 hours 51 - ave speed of 15mph! Fastest time for the route was 5 hours 30 and the slowest 9 hours [bet the slowest was able to take in the many splendid views though!!]

Ponteland Tri
Gemma Frost was first female and 1st in her age-group and Big-E was 1st Vet.

Iroman Austria
Congratulations to Dave Garner who completed this in an incredible time of 9:41:24 - 31st in his age group!

Elite Youth Relay Event - Russia
Congratulations to Jordan Hull, Jack Willis & Kate Waugh who were in Russia as part of the team representing GBR in the Elite Youth Relay Event. Our girls won gold and the boys took silver but apparently would have taken gold had it not been for some bovine intervention.....!

Big-E no longer a virgin!
OK 3rd and on podium - first time at a National Champs - had I been run fit (did my calf at Keswick 300m from end) it would have been a close thing as the 1st/2nd place guys were 8 mins faster but after swim/bike we were all right together - tried to run Thursday (que?) but got a mile and had to walk - it lasted 2 miles here before I had to gimp on one leg - normally I can do a 42 mins 10 km on a flat course like this. Frustrating to see them pass you when you aren't out of breath. But a nice medal, silver plate and a bottle wine.

Blaydon Race
On a muggy evening Matty Alderson completed the race in 32:34 followed closely by Hedley Fletcher in 34:26

Northumberland Tri
In the sprint distance:
Ross Walton 1:15:00 - 38th overall and 15th in cat, Anthony spence 1:23:41 - 83rd overall and 24 in cat, Caroline Murray 1:42:00 - 179th overall and 10th in cat (although she might only have completed one lap of the run having forgotten that 2 was required.... :-) )

Matty Alderson 2:09:42 - 15th overall and 10th in cat, Hedley 2:13:07 - 17th overall and 5th in cat Eric 2:23:49 - 47th overall and 1st in cat, Robert Churnside 2:42:39 - 103rd overall and 30th in cat.

The Hetton Lyons Country Park Youth & Junior Festival 
Congratulations to Jordan Hull for securing his place on the GBR youth relay squad heading for Russia while Jack Willis and Kate Waugh still get to travel as reserves.

Cleveland Junior Duathlon
At the other end of the age range, our two youngest members - Daniel Dixon and Joe Swanston took part in this race and both took top spots in their tristar start and T2 races.

Lanzarote Ironman
Father and Son - Eric n Alan Blakie completed this very tough Ironman in 13:11.59 (7th in age group) and 10:03:33 (12th in agegroup and 75th overall) respectively. Sadly (or ridiculously depending on your viewpoint) Eric didn't think he had a chance of qualifying for Kona - only to be told that they'd called his name 3 times and when he didn't reply, the place went to the 8th person....!!

Ashington Triathlon
Hedley 1:05:40 6th vet 19th overall 
Caroline Murray 13th lady vet and 165 over all 
Christine Moldavian 3rd super vet and 176 over all

Sunderland 10K
Congratulations to Matty Alderson who completed this in 37:20 13th overall and 12th male.

Darlington Tri
Congratulations to Big-E for coming first in his age group. Philippa and Greg Chambers also took part: Philippa was 3rd overall and 2nd in her category. And our newest member: Jordan Hull came 2nd overall. There must have been lots of Ryton colours on the podium!!

Stockton Duathlon
Huge apologies! I missed out Robyn Waugh's fantastic result at the sprint distance - she came 2nd in a time of 1:10:42 - barely 2 mins behind Bronwen Owen who is the current NE Academy & World Duathlon qualifier!! Think she has registered for the world championships too!

Do these boys never rest?! Representing Ryton Tri were Hedley, Matty and Isaac in the standard distance race coming in with the following times:
Hedley 21st 2:02:59
Matty 25th 2:04:03
Isaac 92nd 2:19:31
with Dean doing 1:15:34 in the sprint.
Oh, and Fred did a PB at his last half marathon in Nice (as you do) in a time of 1:31:51

Duathlon World Championships - Pontevedra
Congratulations go to Hedley Fletcher who qualified for this event at the Morpeth Duathlon!!

North Tyneside 10K
Fred Smith and Matty Alderson represented Ryton Tri at last weekend's 10K. Matty did the race in 38:14 and Fred in 42:48. Well done lads for flying the RT flag!

Wansbeck Hilly 21
Hedley Fletcher came 40th in this race in a time of 53:25.

Florida Ironman
I had to read the time that Alan Blakie did this race several times over. He did the whole race in a time that some couldn't even run a marathon in!! Total time....... wait for it...... 4 hours 27 mins - 6th in his age group (out of 180). Swim time: 32 mins, bike: 2 hrs 23 mins, run: 1hr 28 mins! Blimey!!

Ryton-Tri 2 Up TT
Congratulations go to Chris Isats and Harry Armstrong, winners of 2-up TT held on the 12th of April. Full results can be found here.

Morpeth Duathlon
The first of the races for 2014 began with the Morpeth Duathlon. Representing Ryton Tri were Joel Atkin - who came 1st in the beginners' race. In the standard race - Fred Smith - 4th in the super-vets category (and 26th overall) - and Hedley Flectcher - 6th in his age group and 23rd overall.

Los Cabos (Mexico) Ironman
Continuing his world tour of Ironman competitions... Eric Blakie came 7th in his age group in this competition.

Elite Youth Duathlon - Rockingham
Congratulations go to Kate Waugh who won this competition. At her post-race interview, Kate said "It's amazing [here], this whole stadium is huge – it's amazing, I felt really famous. It was a really good course and everyone worked together really well on the bike. The run was hard but I'm glad I had enough in my legs to finish. “I'm hoping to do well in the rest of the [British Triathlon Youth Super] Series. There is Blenheim Triathlon, which should be good; I'm really looking forward to doing that one.”

Also competing were Philippa Chambers & Robyn Waugh finishing 6th & 8th. Both girls are in 17-19 category and are first year juniors so this is a great result.

Duathlon World Championships

Last year, I began the year with news about our young 'uns accomplishments. This year, I begin the news from our not so young 'uns... (and no, it's not news about Big-E!!)

Congratulations to Richard Sill for coming 5th in his age group at the Dambuster Duathlon on the 8th of March and thereby qualifying for the World Duathlon Championships in Pontevedra in May.


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